Voice Lessons and Vocal Coaching

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I help singers, actors and dancers take the guess-work and confusion out of singing and auditioning, while teaching a solid technique that will free your expressive abilities and allow you to personally maintain your vocal health. This can be especially challenging in today’s world when performers are expected to sing everything from traditional and contemporary musical theater to opera, pop, jazz and country!

  • Students in Broadway, Off-Broadway, National Tour and major regional productions
  • Extremely affordable rates
  • Trained vocal technician with knowledge of all voice types
  • Thorough understanding of the actor’s process and up-to-date industry knowledge and connections
  • Full library of music
  • No need to hire an accompanist! I am a pianist as well

What to Expect

Anna Winthrop's Home Studio
  • Learn to sing with ease, allowing you to connect to the text of your music
  • Work on material that is appropriate to your voice type AND personality
  • Hone skills that will heighten your awareness and increase your ability to do your best work without a teacher or coach!
  • Lessons tailored to your individual needs

All Levels Welcome

What Clients are Saying

I had never really connected with a voice teacher until I met Anna. I feel, for the first time, like someone is speaking my language. I understand my voice now as my own, instead of what a teacher tells me I should sound like, or trying to fit into a sound or measure up to an idea in my head. It feels like I'm uncovering the voice that I have inside, but have never heard until now. Lessons are engaging, challenging and they are a partnership from beginning to end! Hannah Sloat, Equity Actress and Soprano, 'War Horse' Lincoln Center, Bushwick Shakespeare Repertory, Artspower
Anna Winthrop is a phenomenal teacher. Her strength lies in her technical articulateness combined with her understanding and patience for my process as a student. I always feel comfortable with her, especially since I know that she is a working actress/singer herself. She knows how to incorporate instruction on relieving tension, acting a song, having fun....basically you name it, she knows how to do it! Anna puts me at ease even when I am cracking, yet I trust her to tell me the truth when I need it. I recommend her ten times over. Crystal Boyd, Actress/Singer Featured: Radio City Music Hall, Madison Square Garden, PBS